Rabu, Desember 31, 2008

Countdown to 2009 !

Now 15:35, it's mean just 8 hours 25 minutes left to first january 2009 ! Horaay ! hahaha. I will celebrate it with anya, dika, dinda, ono, wulan, and distri at distry's house. So, at 16:00, i will go there, bye bye~

O yaa, i just want to share my final report in school, hha, it's bad for me, but it's quite good for my parents, because only 1 subject i got 78, and the other is about 80-85. :)

Kamis, Desember 18, 2008

A Day Off and then A Busy Day


Yes Yes Yes ! A day off from the school things, so i can relax at home, maybe sleeping more than 12 hours is a good idea, haha~


What a busy day ! "Remedial" for science subject came suddenly ! First, it was biology, because i had a 66 for the "remedial" daily mark, i must do the oral test, in the same day that i knew the biology mark, i can't believe it !
And then, an announcement about the physics daily marks, and i have to do the "remedial" again, aaaaaaaaargh-
Luckily, i can do it the physics problem, and the oral test is tomorrow.

Minggu, Desember 14, 2008

JLPT, Supernova, Bonenkai

helooooooo, halooo, haii..

Influenced by my friends, i will write my blog with english too ! :)
I'm sorry if my grammar is "sedikit kacau", hehe.

Last week, i went to Jakarta YIPPIE !, exactly to SMAN 6 Jakarta. My purpose was to participate in JLPT. :)
I said "participate", because i wasn't ready yet for the test, *upss*

First section, vocabulary, second, listening (i was confuse in this part of the test @.@), last, japanese grammar. Hope i'll pass it, =p

Next, with my friends, we went to Blok M Plaza for DDR TIME

After a few hours, our body felt so healthy tired, we decided to go back to the bus, time to go back to Bogor !
Before i went home, i went to the bonenkai festival in Hotel Salak with Arin, Lukman, Melisa, Nenden, Ucha, and Tikus. So much fun there, from the display of the traditional japanese martial arts, music, bon odori, and the last was the fireworks ! Woooow, amazing ! :)